Sasha Riess 30 Years of Humble Service

As we advance into 2021 steadily and composed it is always constructive to look back, to reflect upon the previous years and to observe and feel what has brought us to this pinnacle point in our lives.  

As I reflect upon the past 30 years it can be easy to get lost in all the glamour of high end show dog grooming and handling. All the beautiful breeds and the countless number of championship titles won on all the worlds continents.  

Everything eventually merges at one single point. That point is complete pure love and harmony, this pure love and harmony transcends all the trophies, podiums, and spotlights. It happens in that solitude in which a person comes to the realization and knows that in front of his dog he can be what he truly is.

When this point is reached the man and dog are one love, with the possibility of transforming that love into complete harmony, which emulates all relationships that we share with our fellow man.

I started this business at the age of 16, because I was afraid of people. I adored animals they were a safe haven and comfort to me when I felt alone, sad, lost or abandoned.

As I grew up, I learned from the dogs I worked with a lot about life. For example I learned how ruthless love is in its sincerity.

Only such strong and powerful love can withstand all challenges, because it is as cold as ice, and just as a sword cuts straight into the middle without thinking or hesitation. This is the powerful force of love in nature which keeps on giving and taking without hesitation to keep the cycle of creation going. This same unconditional love our parents feel for us not matter how they might have displayed it, our gift of life is the only support we need because behind this evolutionary gift lays the ultimate pure love. This pure love is completely transformative and truly revolutionary; once we embrace the pure love from our ancestors we have grasped the essence of life and we can be well on our way to transform and shape our reality to serve all of mankind.    

In addition to being relentless, such love has the quality of the heart and can be soft as silky cotton, calm and tucked away, unfrozen, because it knows that it has been guarded, nurtured and that it is safe.

Now, after 30 years, I have an obligation to pass on this message of pure love and harmony. With the aid of specialty programs and products, any dog owner can be well on their way towards pure love and harmony. All of our exclusive programs and products have been created with these principles and perspective in mind, they include; love, respect and responsibility, towards the dog and towards the man.

Let's move on to the New.

Thank you for the gracious 30 years of support and love, it was in service and well worth it.

For many more years to come, Cheers!!

With Love,



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