Afghan Hound Grooming Video Tutorial

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Hello Dear Friends,

Here you can enjoy entire process of Afghan Hound Grooming - Sasha Riess, featuring Aleksandra of Azbelltas Afghan Kennel. Aleksandra shares her passion and 21 years of life experience living with this amazing breed at her side.



Bathing Process

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Drying Process

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Styling Process

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Afghan Hound Azbelltas way Grooming Check List

1. Never brush a dog when the coat is dirty and dry, only after bath during the drying. No brushing between two baths.

2. Wet the coat with lukewarm water

3. Use Sasha Riess Pure Love  The Shampoo diluted according the coat type, length and level of dirtiness, apply using sponge, ONLY spreading the shampoo in the direction of hair growth - DON'T RUB

4. Rinse shampoo, and apply Sasha Riess Pure Love The Shampoo, again less concentrated then the first time.

5. Rinse carefully all the shampoo form coat

6. Apply Sasha Riess Harmony The Conditioner diluted according the coat age and condition.

7. Sasha Riess Harmony The Conditioner ned to be rinsed out, but you can leave some for better dematting or coat protection 

8. Put the dog in towel to rest, time depend on the coat condition and quantity as well as of dog’s age.

9. Put the dog to rest on a side and dry it from the root to the tip, line brushing with SOFT slicker brush.

10. Azbelltas drying routine: side of the rump, back leg, side of the body, front legs, ear, turn the dog to the other side, repeat the procedure.

11. Styling. Handstrip the back form the withers to the base of the tail with hand stripping knife, puling the soft coat in the same direction of the coat growth.

12 Use Thinning Shares to scissor around anus area, as well as transition form back to the tail and around the tail root.

13. Clip the neck form the outer eye corner to the shoulder, with the coat growth using length of the clipper blade according to the coat quality, amount and color. Or you can use the thinning shears to make the same effect. Some dogs need only the stripping stone to be done. Leave the withers covered with coat.

14. Clip the cheeks. Or use the trimming knife, thinning shears or use  your fingers if possible not to hurt your dog. Face should be cleaned by finger stripping.

15. Clip the under jaw leaving the “mandarins” if the dog has them and shape the middle of the neck coat, but on both sides leave the coat approximately wide as an ear channel, right there where the coat meets growing in opposite directions.

16. Use the pin brush with thin, medium long pins.

17. Comb the coat using the metal comb to remove any hair ball that might be left in the coat. It also gives an extra shine.

Have an amazing time while grooming!

Love you all



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