Groom Your Dog to Fit in Your Bed

Groom Your Dog to Fit in Your Bed

When talking to the average vet and inquiring for advise as to how often we should bathe our dog the answers we get are quite surprising and often times stunning.

Please don’t take this as a knock on vets or their profession; they are notable people who hold very noble and serious positions. They deal with serious medical conditions and aliments. We cannot blame them that bath routines are way down below on the list of concerning items they deal with.

The reality is that the text books they read and studied pertaining to dog hygiene go back decades even centuries, and the literature has not been updated since then. And yes, in those times in that environment where the dog was mainly living outdoors and part of the labor force performing vital duties on the farm or in the city it was okay to bathe them once a month or several times a year.

Today the times are dramatically different the dog is an integral part of our family. We share all of our living space with our pets the sofa the car and even our beds. It is essential that we keep these areas clean and fresh to not only promote our health and well-being but also that of our pets.

We most often hear about “natural oils” in the coat and how they must be preserved… these “natural oils” are actually a wax secreted by the sebaceous glands called lanolin.  Lanolin's role in nature is to protect the coat and the skin from the climate and environment.

The modern day dog does not live outdoors nor must they brace the harsh environment.

Over production of lanolin or when it is allowed to linger on the dog for too long produces the unpleasant “wet dog” smell.

It is true that most shampoo products on the market today will strip and dry out the skin. However a good shampoo and conditioner will balance the skin enabling the skin to heal. Healthy vibrant skin it the basis for a healthy coat.  

For a quick and easy to follow bath routine click here for link. 


Groom your dog to fit your lifestyle. The more we know the more empowered we are to make the right decisions.  





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