Don't Brush the Coat, Love it instead.

Simple advise on how to improve Pom's coat immediately

 And all other breeds short and long coat, straight and curly 

In our modern busy lives, the very natural desire to nurture and take care of ourselves can be too easily pushed aside and repressed, whether consciously or unconsciously. Often times we over burden our selves with too many tasks and responsibilities and it can seem as if simply there aren't enough hours in the day.

Add to this list one of the biggest misconstrued tasks when it comes to Pom care, which is to brush the coat.

Not only is it extremely damaging to the coat is also causes great discomfort brushing the dry coat.

The bath routine I am suggesting is not only simple and easy to follow, but it will improve and repair any existing damage of the coat.

First: Stop brushing the dog between baths. Bathe your dog once a week using a mild hypoallergenic shampoo free of all synthetic dyes, perfumes, detergents, and volume boosting agents. Follow up with a conditioner which has the same qualities as the shampoo.

Second: After towel drying the excess water, wrap the dog in a comforting warm towel and give him tender love and affection for about 5-10 minutes most Poms will doze of during this precious time.

Third: Now the coat should be about 80% dry, using a blow dryer and brush, brush out all excess coat which has shed. Brush using long and gentle strokes working your way from top to bottom.

You are all done! Incorporate this routine once a week and you will begin to see immediate results as the coast begins to return to its natural healthy state. The biggest lesson I have learned working with dogs is that humans cannot out perform nature. We must take a sep back and let nature express her self. But don't take my word for it try it out your self. PS: This highly effective method works on all dog coats and is sure to make bath time the most bonding and pleasurable experience for both.

With Love,






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