Newfoundland Grooming - Video Tutorial

Newfoundland Grooming Video Tutorial 




Today i want to share with you an amazing event we had couple days ago grooming Trevis, one beautiful 2,5 years Newfoundland boy. He was groomed by his beloved owner Tatjana Bilbija, joining me from Banja Luka, BiH. Tanja breed Newffies  since 1991, and have amazing knowledge in grooming this beautiful breed. I was really enjoying her job and hope you will love it too....


Newfoundland Bathing. 



Newfoundland Drying 



Newfoundland Styling





Newfoundland  Grooming Check List - Darius Land Way - Check List

1. Never brush a dog when the coat is dirty and dry, only after bath during the drying. No brushing between two baths.

2. Wet the coat with lukewarm water

3. Use Sasha Riess Pure Love The Shampoo diluted according the coat type, length and level of dirtiness. Shampoo can be diluted up to 1:10, but if regularly maintained - if bathed once in 7-10 days you can dilute it even up to 1:20, even if not foaming a lot, shampoo will 

4. Rinse shampoo, and apply Sasha Riess Pure Love The Shampoo, again less concentrated then the first time.

5. Rinse carefully all the shampoo form coat

6. Apply Sasha Riess Harmony The Conditioner diluted according the coat age and condition.

7. Rinse The Conditioner 

8. Blow-dry the dog in the tub. Use cold air, high speed, put the nose of the drier on skin of the dog and move it with coat growth, as shown in drying video. 

9. Take the dog out the tub place it on the grooming table and finish drying, always taking care that air follows natural hair growth. Only front part of the front leg can be dried against coat growth to add volume and visibly improve the bone substance. 

10. Top line is dried with coat growth, use stand dryer to add more calm way of drying, to improve straightening of the coat so no waves or curls will appear after drying, use also cold air to dry the dog. 

11. entire coat from top part of the back leg dry forward, to move it form rectum, this will help maintaining the dogs hygiene. 

12 Tail always brush and dry form  a side way - top down, never only top, will pull a lot of hair out and can cause losing the top hair of the tail. 

13. when drying around the ears, keep ear channel closed with your hand 

14. Comb and brush  dry your dog to be sure that ALL the dead undercoat is pulled out. Appreciate the natural way of shedding, no need for dead cost to stay in, because it prevents growth of the healthy coat, or can cause cost to become wavy or curly. 

15. Styling. Use Thinning Sears to trim the paws around to make them look as a cat paws. 

16. Use  Straight Shears to trim the coat in between the pads. 

17. Use Coat King to pull out all extra coat under the ears, and under the neck 

18. Use  Thinning Shears to style the neck specially at the troth area to help dog hygiene when salivating. 

19. Use  Thinning Shears to style the neck to follow the natural line

20. Use  Thinning Shears to cut the coat at the aria or armpits to prevent coat become tangled.

21. Use  Thinning Shears to style the front leg, looking from a side to prevent legs look short. 

22. Use  Thinning Shears to style the underline so it match length of the cost on the front of the dog, so line watched from a side is unbroken. 

23. Use Thinning Shears to style back part of the back legs so you make them look clean and styled, not overgrown, follow the natural line of the angulations. 

24. Use  Thinning Shears to style hock area cutting only damaged tips of the coat, to achieve the fulness. 

25. Use Coat King to pull extra undercoat form base of the tail if it is to visible when looking a side.  

26. Line comb the dog all over and enjoy amazing work you did....

27. Make picture and feel proud you did it.....


Have an amazing time while grooming!

Love you 



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