“I don’t know...what I don't know...” – how everything started

At some stage we will come to grips with all the things we should know so that we can make progress. First of all we should truly know ourselves, both our strong and weak sides, and which elements we should improve upon so that we can start enjoying the job we do.

Being incapable of making any progress creates a feeling of immense dissatisfaction because human nature demands and desires advancement in whatever pursuit it chooses. The feeling of satisfaction that comes with winning all the small battles with ignorance is actually at the same time pushing the boundaries of an individual's professional being, thereby creating a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

This is actually the part of us with which we should get acquainted, and constantly develop, in order to make progress. At any single moment, we should be able to utilize all the knowledge we have for our own good. However, we must also remain aware of our own weak points, as these may hold us back. We don't want to run unthinkingly through a door behind which an unfamiliar and insecure world may be waiting.

The simple philosophy of development of any young artist is to explore; but without any direction an exploration can end up trapped in a repeating and endless circle. Sometimes it happens that even when we are given an answer, we are not able to recognize or understand it. It remains an enigma, and even though we may know the solution, the premises that led to this solution are still a mystery to us.

Understanding the diamond concept of education is very simple and this understanding helped me to pursue my development and control my knowledge, even to assess at a given time that which is ready to be implemented and that which still needs time, as getting to the core meaning may require yet missing details. (watch also the second video on diamond concept of education ) 

Progress can at times be observed as a failure called ignorance. When we are feeling sick, we simply go to the doctor, explain the symptoms according to which, together with the examination, the doctor reaches a diagnosis and prescribes the proper medication. On the contrary, when we are “sick from ignorance” it is very hard to recognize and admit; we may not even know what is actually wrong with us, and thus usually fail to seek any help.

When I was a primary school pupil, my English teacher put me in front of the blackboard and asked me a question. It was not that I hadn’t studied at all, it was rather that my mind had been wandering around while I was studying, and this had influenced my knowledge, leading to a poor result. I have always been sincere and utterly straightforward and it was hard for me even then to pretend I knew the answer, hesitating, but in fact waiting to be saved by the bell. So my answer was short and simple- I don’t know. This answer provoked another question by my teacher. She wanted to know exactly what I didn’t know. My answer was once again spontaneous, innocent and sincere- I don’t know what I don’t know. Everyone in the classroom was laughing to me. Then, at that moment, alone and ashamed I built my own attitude towards studying. I was 10 years old and I can still remember the entire situation and the mixture of feelings that were overwhelming.

The same strong feelings are present at the very moment I am writing this to you. I realized the only way in studying and making progress is researching and finding an answer to the only question what is it that I actually don’t know. This is the way to “immortal science” of any kind, so why not grooming as well?



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love you all 



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