Towards Pure Love and Harmony a Journey of Self Discovery

As a young boy I was very curious natured I wanted to learn as much as I could and find out how everything around me functioned. I asked a lot of questions and would often times be shut down by the adults in my life, they were usually too busy and preoccupied with their daily toils of life to toy around with naïve questions from a young child.

When I think back to those days I remember how magical life seemed and how there were so many beautiful things to learn and discover. As I grew and matured these feelings like in so many of us had to take the back row seat in the magical theater called life, due to the responsibilities that came with being an adult and raising my two small children.

It wasn’t until much later in life that I reconnected with these same old feelings of curiosity. They never left me they were always there waiting, like a flock of majestic doves taking off at the peak of dawn unbound, illuminating the hazy sky. So too my curiosity filled my entire being. I wanted to find out what peculiar circumstances in my life led me down the path of self-discovery and deeper curiosity.  

As my daughter and son grew into their teenage years, the relationship I shared with their mother became too challenging  for everyone. I left, again, and it was by far the hardest decision of my life but it needed to be done for everyone’s sanity.

But i knew it will be a good lesson for all of us, once we open our hearth and lear to control emotions, best possibilities unfold in front of us. 

That was a lesson I have had learned form dogs, follow your hearth, and you can't go wrong, no matter how hard it will be.

Yet, questioning time followed.  

Feeling lonely and abandoned I once again discovered the comfort and love of the dogs. They were always by my side even as a young boy when it was impossible for me to get close to any other person, the dogs were always there; ready to comfort me, ready to offer me companionship and teaching me the language of nature.

It was in those times which were the most difficult in my life, the most unbearable, that I discovered my true purpose in this life. And, that purpose was to serve my fellow man, to serve without questioning without judging but to simply be present in pure love and harmony.

Guiding men and women towards their own journey of deep self-discovery became the biggest and most fulfilling aspect of my work. It allowed me to use my knowledge of the silent language of nature, to help people understand the messages their dogs are attempting to communicate to them.

 If we learn to interpret the messages they are sending us we can learn from them and finally begin living life to our full potential, free from any restraints or resentments.

With Love,



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