PomSensation - Video Tutorial and Check List of Pomeranian Grooming

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     PomSensation: All Day Pomeranian Joy

A few days ago I had an amazing day grooming Pomeranians, one of my favorite breeds to groom.

If I had to pick any breed other than a poodle, it would probably be a Pom!

Here you will find my check list on grooming the show Pomeranian, both in coat as well as one in a shedding period.


Video 1. - PomBath  


Video 2. PomDrying



Video 3. PomStyling 




 Pomeranian Full Grooming Check List  

  1. Never brush a dog when the coat is dirty and dry; only after the bath during drying. No brushing between two baths.
  2. The recommended time in between the baths is 7-10 days
  3. Wet the coat with lukewarm water
  4. Use Sasha Riess Pure Love The Shampoo diluted according the coat type, length and amount of dirtiness. Shampoo can be diluted up to 1:10, but if regularly maintained - if bathed once in 7-10 days you can dilute it even up to 1:20. Even if not foaming a lot, the shampoo will rinse easily.
  5. Rinse the shampoo, and apply Sasha Riess Pure Love The Shampoo again, less concentrated then the first time.
  6. Rinse carefully all the shampoo from the coat
  7. Apply Sasha Riess Harmony The Conditioner, diluted according to the coat age and condition.
  8. Rinse The Conditioner 
  9. Dry the dog using lukewarm air with a stand drier and use a pin brush to straighten the coat, as well to pull all the dead coat out. Never leave any amount of dead coat in, it will prevent new hair growth, and it can cause it to grow wavy or curly. If using the slicker brush, use the softest one and gently brush the dog while drying.
  10. Tail: always brush and dry from the side - top down, never only from the top. Drying only from the top will pull a lot of hair out and can cause loss of hair on the top of the tail. 
  11. When drying around the ears, keep the ear canal closed with your hand. 
  12. Comb and brush dry your dog to be sure that ALL of the dead undercoat is pulled out. Appreciate the natural way of shedding. There is no need for dead coat to stay in, because it prevents growth of the healthy coat, or it can cause the coat to become wavy or curly. 
  13. Styling:What we want to achive is a overall look of little bear what separate pomeranians from rest of rhe spitz familly, wich reather seen as foxy looking little doggies.
  14. Use Thinning Sears to trim the around the paws to make them look like a cat paws. 
  15. Use  Facial Shears to trim the coat in between the pads. 
  16. Trim the base of the tail around so you will be able to create a nice guideline for the length of the croup.
  17. Use  Chunker Shears and trim the back part of the topline in the same line with the tail, down to hock, making the hock appear low to the ground, appearing solid and parallel from behind.
  18. Round the croup and make it appear as natural as possible.
  19. Use Chunker Shears and style underline inverse V shape.
  20. Comb the entire front coat up and follow the guideline from the elbows upward, making the nose tip be the highest point looking from the side when dog is looking up.
  21. Groom the dog from the side and meet both sides in the front part of the neck.
  22. Looking from the front, the front legs need to appear strong and parallel.
  23. Use Thinning Shears to style the front leg, looking from the side to prevent legs from appearing short. 
  24. UseThinning Shears to style the back part of the back legs so that you make them look clean and styled, not overgrown. Follow the natural line of the angulations, and blend them into underline.
  25. Use Thinning Shears to style the hock area, cutting only the damaged tips of the coat, to achieve fullness. Make them appear straight when looking from the side and parallel when looking from behind.
  26. Use  Straight Shears to style the ears. Keep in mind not to make foxy expression, I would really incarage you to look after bear expression, so make ears round. Cut everything close to the ear skin.
  27. Never groom the coat from the side of the body.  It will make the dog appear overgroomed. Style the coat on the neck to match the nice topline typical for the breed, sloping to the minimum point, which is patella, looking from the side. The highest point would be the occiput where the tip of the tail hair meets the neck coat, giving that typical Pom “Look.”
  28. Take a photo and feel proud that you did it.....


Have an amazing time while grooming!

Love you! 






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