Reinvent Your Business to Changing Times

Grooming Professionals Act Now, Perfect Later

The biggest lesson and take-away from the current crisis and subsequent shut-downs is that the new normal is uncertainty and doubt. With the blink of an eye services and goods which we have become accustomed to can be taken away from us without any notice and without any clear indication if and when they will return.

There is a big divide and polemic currently taking place in the country with two different camps opposing one another. The first camp is highly obedient and trusting of government institutions, the second camp is more skeptical and questioning the main stream narrative. Of course there are many shades of gray in-between and the issue cannot simply be narrowed down to black and white. The fact however remains once the state mandates a shutdown it is up to businesses and individuals to comply or face the consequences.

How does this relate to the current grooming business model? Traditionally the typical grooming business has been structured in such a way as to replicate a well-oiled production line. To maximize profits and have a high turnover percentage has become the industry standard.

What does this mean for the dog and more importantly the dog owner? An environment such as the one described above creates anxiety and uncertainty for the dog owner which the dog directly picks up on and replicates in the way he or she responds to the treatments at the grooming salon.

The above model where the grooming shop operates as a high speed production line fosters fear and anxiety. The dog owner does not know how his dog will be treated and if patience and gentle care will be offered to his companion.

This explains why dog owners often wait up to six weeks and even longer to return to the groomer, because they dread the experience and their dog being intuitively connected to their owners respond identically.

This type of business model is on its last leg and it is up to innovative individuals to come up with a new model that establishes long term relationships with the dog owners.

A grooming salon should be a tranquil sanctuary offering peace and cleansing. The owners should feel welcomed and encouraged to stay and participate if they so choose.

Once we see the dog owners as an integral part of our business and cater to their needs we will begin the transformation which is drastically needed in the industry.

After we are able to establish relationships with our clients where they know that they can trust and rely on us, by the next shut-down we will have the chance to be innovative. We will be ready to anticipate the changes and come up with alternative ways to service our clients that work around the shutdown.

The choice is up to us either we innovate and stay ahead of the trends, or we become obsolete in a business model which is rapidly losing its appeal. 

The future is bright and thrilling for individuals who remain cognizant of why they went into business in the first place. It is not to be your own boss and to work in your business. Rather, it is to be innovative and to work on your business, to provide clients a new and unmatched service experience.

                                                                                     With Love,







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