Selecting the Right Groomer

Dog owners know the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy home environment. The essential reason we take our dogs to the groomers is to be bathed and dried. The haircuts and sanitary trims are a big bonus but essentially it is all about having a clean dog. Often people misconstrued the grooming process as being all about coat trimming and clipping but the essential role is to wash and dry the dog, this is vital for skin health and serves as a preventative measure by catching any signs of ailments before they become a more serious issue. If this activity cannot be performed at home for whatever reason the grooming salons are there to serve your needs.

Every grooming salon is different that is why it is important to get to know your groomer. If they seem shy or standoffish give them a chance to warm up to you. The majority of groomers tend to have an introverted personality, meaning it can be hard for them to warm up to people but once trust is established the loyalty and friendship is irrefutable. Talk to your groomer and let them know about your lifestyle and how you share your living space with your companion. Obviously someone who lives in an open space with plenty of fields with the dog remaining outdoors most of the time has a completely different lifestyle and needs compared to someone who dwells in the city or suburbs.

It is important to identify how clean we want our space to be if our dog shares the bed and pillow it is obvious that we want the dog to be as clean as possible which can mean weekly or bi-weekly grooming salon visits. The most important thing is to follow our own gut and intuition to determine what will serve us and what will make us the most happy.

Some important things to consider when determining which salon you will take your dog to are; weather they work on one dog at a time, are the dogs crated during the visit, are there any cage driers in place, which types of products are they using, are there skin conditioners which are being used. These are just some of the basic things which will give you more clarity and confidence when taking your dog to the groomer.   

It is important to remember that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to your well-being and your dogs, it is important to trust and listen to your intuition, it is all about the individual’s wants and desires and these desires will vastly differ from person to person.   

As long as the grooming salon staff is taking their time to listen and build rapport with you it is a big indicator that they are willing to build trust and instill confidence. Listen to your gut and remain true to your intuition and you will be on the right path. Grooming is all about breaking any obstacles in the relationship we share with our companions and if we are able to connect with a groomer that shares our principles we will enjoy the relationship for years to come.


With Love,


Sasha Riess en español

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