Why are there so many misconceptions when it comes to bathing your dog…?

Bath Time is Happy Time 

Why are there so many misconceptions when it comes to bathing your dog…?

No one is willing to give me real advise and says to consult your vet… for bathing…?

(Don’t they usually deal with hip dysplasia or other medical issues…)

The Reason is…

Most shampoo products on the market today are actually harmful to your pet…

What are we paying for...? 

We all know that in retail the markup for commodities is usually 300%

So let’s do some simple math… if a product is listed for 7.99 USD  7.99/3 = 2.66 USD (cost of production)

Now consider all the other factors that go into putting a product onto the market…

Packaging, logistics, marketing, labor, etc… for arguments sake let’s say this is 40% of net cost. 2.66 Of 40%= $1.06

(Shocking) so that stunningly designed shiny bottle which makes such high claims  as “100% all natural” “hypoallergenic” “NO HARSH CHEMICALS” etc..

Turns out is just fancy packaged refined petroleum.

Now we certainly don’t want to make anyone feel guilty we are all doing the best we can…

The more we know the more empowered we are to make right decisions.

The fact of the matter remains, the skin is the biggest organ. Everything we put on gets absorbed one way or the other.

If your dog has an allergic reaction to any product, the best scenario is that the dog develops a skin allergy a temporary rash.

Great we know we should immediately discontinue use.

The problem…

Most allergies are expressed internally and the side effects are only expressed years down the road as kidney failure or liver malfunctions.

Know what you are paying for.

Red flags: no expiration dates on the bottle… if you see any of these ingredients run… (FRAGRANCE, METHYLCHLOROISOTHIAZOLINONE, ARTIFICIAL COLORS, MINERAL OIL, Propylene glycol, Phthalates, Parabens, Methylparaben, Formaldehyde, Isopropyl alcohol, Isopropyl (SD-40)


The solution…

With this in mind we at Sasha Riess have create the world’s purest dog shampoo and conditioner being 100% digestible. Our hypoallergenic formula is safe and highly effective for all coat textures and colors.


We believe bathing your dog should be relaxing and enjoyable. Take the stress out of bath time. Our approach is simple; bathe your dog to fit your life style. Our universal formula is the fast and simple solution to at home dog care. Cut bath time in half, our formulas are designed to effortlessly rinse out, and feature rapid dry technology.  Calming and soothing all of our cosmetics are formulated using only fine spring water. Rich in minerals and antioxidants only nature can provide.

Further, Pure Love and Harmony are tear-less formulas they won’t sting or irritate any sensitive areas. So go head scrub the face, wash the ears and around the eyes.

When we incorporate a holistic cleansing routine, the bond we share with our pet will elevate to a higher realm.

Sasha Riess Towards Pure Love and Harmony Since 1991



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