Heroes Scholarship

The Sasha Riess Heroes Scholarship provides potential students with the theoretical and practical knowledge required to effectively and safely groom dogs in a professional setting.

The scholarship is designed for anyone who is interested in learning the fundamental skills required to effectively execute a standard pet trim in a professional setting utilizing a variety of grooming tools including; scissors, clippers, brushes, nail clippers, blow dryers, etc...

How to apply: To apply for the scholarship please submit two essays; one essay explaining why you wish to become a groomer and the second essay detailing why you are a silent hero who has overcome adversity, all submissions should include a resume or C.V. accompanying the two essays. Submissions are only accepted via e-mail to the address: academy@sashariess.com

About the scholarship and funding:

As BTC community members we value sovereign individuals. The Sasha Riess  Academy produces sovereign individuals by utilizing two modalities of education theory and practice. Students are educated on the foundational theoretical knowledge about the grooming trade  and gain the technical skills needed to operate  a successful business. Through practice they are provided the experience of the theoretical knowledge that they have acquired. 

This involves not only teaching the student practical techniques to achieve the desired result but it also provides the student with the experience, so that once they are ready to open their own business they will have both the self-confidence, i.e. theoretical knowledge additionally they will have also mastered the practical experiential aspect of the profession; self-esteem.

The scholarships are funded by BTC community member and emphasize teaching students sound money/economic principles throughout the education program. Read the full course curriculum here 

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