New Podcast Pure Love & Harmony with Sasha & Shannon out now

Pure Love & Harmony with Sasha & Shannon ep. 1 - How My Dog Helps Me Move On

In this podcast episode, join Sasha and Shannon as they delve into the intriguing world of Family Constellations and the role dogs play in it. They explore how our furry friends can take on the roles of excluded or forgotten family members to deliver important messages that we need to hear in order to live our lives to the fullest.

Sasha shares his personal story about how getting a dog unexpectedly changed the dynamic of his business relationship, resulting in his former partner leaving. Shannon also shares a touching tale of how a new dog changed the dynamics of her engagement and ultimately led to its end.

Discover how this incredible journey unfolds by listening to the end of the episode. And if you have ever experienced a dog radically altering your personal or professional life, be sure to let Sasha and Shannon know in the comments.

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