The Doggy Mom Academy

The Doggy Mom Academy was born out of 30 years of service in the pet care industry. 

Sasha Riess developed his career and knowledge working next to the dog for nearly three-decades. 

His compassion and wisdom for the well-being of companion animals and the people who care for them gave rise to Pure Love and Harmony the worlds leading premium dog grooming cosmetic but more importantly as a philosophical and spiritual concept. 

This Four Week Program will give you the tools to master any behavior or anxiety issues pertaining to the dog. 

During this four-week program we will begin to comprehend the silent language of the dogs, the Language of Pure Nature.

The program is divided into four-weeks each week will dive deeply into  specific communication ritual we can very practically implement with our dogs in order to establish harmony. Each week will consist of a one-on-one meeting to further establish these rituals and guide our progress. 


Enroll Now The Doggy Mom Academy 

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