Constellation Workshops

We celebrate the bonds that exist between dogs and human beings.

These nonverbal bonds have existed for thousands of years, but it has taken new science and new ways of looking at other beings on our planet for us to realize the role dogs play in our lives. Dogs are not just a part of our family, it’s    time for us to recognize that it’s not just about better nutrition or better styling. It’s about how our behaviors can affect our dog’s behavior: when we have a bad day, they have a bad day too. They sense it, they feel it; and when we have a great, they’re great too. Great nutrition and great styling are terrific places to start—but to create a better life you need to become more aware.

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Sasha Riess started on the Show Dog circuit as a stylist when he was 22 years old. After participating in award-winning shows in Europe and the United States, Sasha emigrated to the USA from Miami to Fairfield, IA to California. Along the way, he developed a new consciousness about the relationships human beings have with their dogs, and was determined to offer a more evolved perspective. Today, Sasha offers a fresh ecosystem that combines nutrition, styling and behavior, to create a better life for you and your dog.

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