Whether you are a dog owner or pet care industry professional, we are sure you want only the best for your dogs. Sasha Riess The Shampoo and The Conditioner offer just that.

Our patented premium quality products are a result of education, dedication and over two decades of experience in professional grooming. The formula is revolutionary in its simplicity, and 7.5 times more efficient compared to best-selling products on the market today.

Why a universal formula? Because research shows that, although they are visually different, the composition of dog coats is almost 100% identical. The Shampoo and The Conditioner offer an honest solution which perfectly caters to all pet care needs.


Perfect for all coat types · Ultimate care with only 2 products · Perfectly cleans and nurses white coats · Gentle formula safe for puppies of all ages · Suitable for sensitive and problematic skin · Foams well, rinses easily · Paraben free · No tear formula · No artificial thickeners · Mild active substances · Coat and skin protection · Light formula, high performances 



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