My Story

As a young boy, I questioned everything.  “Why” and “How” were at the forefront in my young vocabulary.

Growing up as a young child, I had a heavy lisp.  I remember being ridiculed and made fun of.  Like many of us, I was bullied as a child.  I accepted at a tender age that life could be full of challenges.

At age 16, I decided to take life into my own hands.  I discovered the beautiful world of dog grooming!  I felt surrounded by real friends and companions in the dogs that I was caring for.

I learned to listen to their subtle signs, sounds, and body language that they were communicating with me while in my care.  I read countless books on dog grooming, studied, and mastered my craft of caring for these lovely creatures.

I had found my calling in life.  A world of Pure Love and Harmony!  I have dedicated my life to mastering the art of grooming these amazing animals.  From caring for my own dogs, to grooming some of the best show dogs in the world.  Throughout my career, spanning from professional dog grooming to world class show dog handling, and everything in between.  These beloved companions have taught me many valuable lessons about life, including love and patience.

I now wish to bring my life’s passion to you!  I have dedicated myself to serving these gentle dogs, and now I wish to share this love in the form of my Sasha Riess Shampoo and Conditioner!  We always have you, the loving customer, in mind when creating our products.

When we serve in Pure Love and Harmony, we are truly living a meaningful life!

Welcome to my world!