Sasha Riess PASSION Brush

Sasha Riess PASSION brush



For a long time my primary focus as a groomer was on the coat, it was my pure passion. I loved to brush my dogs, and I enjoyed that process tremendously it was such a joy for us both. The dogs loved me carefully brushing their coat layer by layer, this always made them fall a sleep, while I was enjoying the bonding between me and the dog, this brought me to a place of serenity and joy. 

During that time I learned that there excited a ton of brushes on the market. Needless to say they were not made for dogs rather, they were made for the coat. Most of the brushes have unbalanced pads, which results on more unnecessary pressure being put on the hands during each stroke, this is very damaging to the skin, but the coat would look perfect. I made it my mission to create a brush with dog and their humans in mind. 

I created my perfect PASSION brush - ONE4ALL

1. Ultra C – Shaped to the contours of the body, helps balance the pressure on the skin strong enough to go through the coat yet soft on the skin. 

2. Long Handle – Ergonomic design for every hand size, covered with high quality soft material that is gentle and pleasant to hold and handle.  

3. Ultimate Control – Featuring a total of 304 stainless 18mm medium-hard perfectly balanced pins designed to penetrate the coat while helping to nourish the coat and skin health.  Smooth and effortless detangle if necessary, layer by layer gets even the toughest tangles out.  

4. Built to perform - Perfect hard pad hold the pins in place allowing the C-shaped body to perform at its ultimate level, durable and precise. 


Any coat, any length, any condition one brush – PASSION


Sasha Riess PASSION Brush - my dreams in motion 


Sasha Riess PASSON Brush transforms the work of brushing making it an extremely joyful process. 

Lightweight and ergonomic designed reduce stress and fatigue in hands and wrist. Extra C – Shaped as the body, creates perfect balance between the pressures from your wrist to the coat. The gentle flex pins are designed to safely protect the skin and softly massage while brushing.

The perfect length of the pins long, and medium-soft pins will penetrate thick coats faster and deeper, the pins are super strong and yet still supple enough to quickly and easily brush out heavy coats without causing damage to the coat or skin. 

Sasha Riess PASSION brush is designed to handle all coat types quickly, efficiently in the most comfortable way for groomers and/or doggy moms and their pets. The Passion brush is feather light and feature a long ergonomic handle to maximize performance and minimize hand fatigue. 



Maintained coats: gently brush with light, long stroke, brushing beyond the ends of the hair tip to avoid static and breakage. For best results brush the coat in layers. Start at the bottom by parting the coat horizontally and holding the un-brushed portion up with your free hand. Work methodically upwards, keeping your wrist straight to avoid hurting the dog’s skin.

Brush in the direction of coat growth and then against it using light, long strokes.

Harsh and all other coat types: brush the coat in the direction of coat growth then against if necessary to remove mats and dead hair. Pay special attention 

to areas that are prone to matting, like behind ears, on the loins and under the legs. Use a coarse comb to check for any remaining mats after brushing. Sasha Riess Brush is ideal for use after bathing while blow drying the coat. Use light, long strokes with and against the direction of coat growth. 

Brush slowly to avoid static build-up. If the coat is matted, use Sasha Riess Pure Love The Shampoo and Sasha Riess Harmony The Conditioner to bath your dog, and detangle it during the drying process. To prevent mats and tangles, the dog's coat should be regularly bathed, treated with conditioner and brushed out while blow drying.