The Sasha Riess Heroes Scholarship provides potential students with the theoretical and practical knowledge required to effectively and safely groom dogs in a professional setting.

The scholarship is designed for anyone who is interested in learning the fundamental skills required to effectively execute a standard pet trim in a professional setting utilizing a variety of grooming tools including; scissors, clippers, brushes, nail clippers, blow dryers, etc...

How to apply: To apply for the scholarship please submit two essays; one essay explaining why you wish to become a groomer and the second essay detailing why you are a silent hero who has overcome adversity, all submissions should include a resume or C.V. accompanying the two essays. Submissions are only accepted via e-mail to the address:

About the scholarship and funding:

As BTC community members we value sovereign individuals. The Sasha Riess  Academy produces sovereign individuals by utilizing two modalities of education theory and practice. Students are educated on the foundational theoretical knowledge about the grooming trade  and gain the technical skills needed to operate  a successful business. Through practice they are provided the experience of the theoretical knowledge that they have acquired. 

This involves not only teaching the student practical techniques to achieve the desired result but it also provides the student with the experience, so that once they are ready to open their own business they will have both the self-confidence, i.e. theoretical knowledge additionally they will have also mastered the practical experiential aspect of the profession; self-esteem.

The scholarships are funded by BTC community member and emphasize teaching students sound money/economic principles throughout the education program. Read the full course curriculum here 

To participate in our global scholarship initiative please send contributions to address provided. (Please note: only send BTC to this address) 

Anonymous contributions: 



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For more information and sponsorship opportunities using fiat please contact

Fiat scholarship donation are accepted via bank wire transfers, cashapp, paypal transfers, personal check, money orders. 

About Sasha Riess:

Welcome to the Sasha Riess Grooming Standard. It is my great pleasure and honor to present to you Sasha Riess a leader and pioneer in the field of professional and personal dog care.

Sasha Riess began grooming dogs at the age of 16 while working as a young vet-tech assistant as he was studying Veterinary Medicine. He fell in love with the dogs because he saw the special connections people shared with their dogs. Refusing to consent to the practice of factory farming he dropped out of college and pursued grooming full time. During his 30 years spend working in show dog industry and grooming competitions he came to the realizations that dogs are so much more than prized possessions, in fact they are integral members of our families often replacing the bond of parent child dynamics.

His Career led him to rise to the top of the show dog world having travelled the world and achieving countless of ‘Best in Show’ title Sasha Riess retired from the show dog world and opened the first dog grooming academy in his second home town Belgrade, Serbia. His students rave about their professor on social-media, and there are countless of interviews with his former students on instagram raving about the knowledge they have acquired both technically but most importantly philosophically.

Today Sasha Riess spends his time scientifically researching the phenomenon of family constellation therapy in relation to the man dog relationship. He passionately teaches students in two different time zones. He has published two books, and co-published one. His premium line of dog care shampoo and conditioner are actively being sold on four continents. 

Tuition cost and investing in the graduates future via BTC

The Sasha Riess Grooming Standard tuition cost is $2,999.00 per student for the duration of the course lasting a total of six weeks. The course is a hybrid e-learning program designed to give the student the flexibility to learn at their own pace. Live Zoom meetings are hosted on a weekly basis designed to give students access to their instructors. The 30% cost of tuition invested into the students account will be paid out once the course is successfully completed and the final exam is passed, full course requirements including exams and presentations must be complete in 12 weeks from the date of enrolment in order to redeem the invested BTC portion students exceeding the 12 week time frame are not eligible for the redemption unless due to extraordinary circumstances which are handled on a case by case basis. The funds are held in BTC and are transferred directly to the student in BTC. For questions please contact: 

Full Course Curriculum/white paper 

First generation of graduates from the Sasah Riess  Academy Grooming Standard in Belgrade, Serbia