“ We have tried the Sasha Riess cosmetics on many types of coat. It has proven very efficient on every coat type.
The shampoo provides a good amount of foam, it is easily rinsed off, which makes the coat clean and shiny. The smell isn’t too strong and it is pleasant, which I like the most.
The Conditioner is exquisite. The coat is easily combed and it dries very quickly.
We are truly pleased with the efficiency of these cosmetic products and we recommend it to anyone who is a professional groomer. “
 Aleksandar Vukosavljev Professional groomer Puffy Pet, Serbia
“After using Sasha Riess cosmetic - my dog is super clean, has very subtle fragrance so not overpowering - super quick drying time and even though it's hard to see in the picture the dog has quite a sheen to her coat - I've spent 10 min drying from start to finish so in all 20 min start to finish bath and dry and brush out - super happy I'd use this shampoo everyday !!
I would use this in my salon - we use about 25- 30 litres of shampoo a month - this cuts out so much drying time the cost of the shampoo is much less than the time saved . Just one extra dog a day equates to about $1500 a month !! Over a year that's $18,000.00 !!! Extra income "
Erin Gundesen  Transfurmations, New Zealand 
“ I have just used it on my 2 white Standards, 5 Mins and the Toy and I am delighted with the results on all of them. They all have slightly different coats and yet it seems to suit each one. After nearly 50 years of grooming I am not easily impressed but I love this so much "
Sue Baker, UK.
“Hi Sasha,
Your shampoo and conditioner is fantastic and so unique. I have used so many different shampoos and conditioners since I became a groomer and not one single produce is of the same standard as your products. Truly you really have created something special. I run my own grooming salon, Plucky Pooch, in the UK and your products are going to become my staple products. I won’t be using anything else because they are brilliant.
I personalize the mix of the shampoo and conditioner depending on the dogs I am grooming and the condition of their coats and so far I have used your products on Schnauzers, Shelties, Poodles, Poodle crosses, Maltese, Papillon and they are brilliant and make my life as a groomer much easier. THANK YOU!!!!"
Bev Jordan, UK
"It was very difficult to get a very good pair of thinning shears in india . And I've ordered various brands from across the globe and was very unhappy with all of them . That's when I came across Sasha Reis thinning shears . I ordered online. And it reached in a couple of days and the shipping is free which is awesome . The shears were of high quality and cuts beautifully on any coat and it's still sharp and precise . Thank you Sasha for making our work easier with superior quality products. "
Ashita Mathew. Wags & Wiggles Pet Salon,Bangalore, India