Toward Pure Love and Harmony - Program

If you have always dreamed of having the best possible relationship with your dog as well as being able to change any problems in a calm and effective way then I can help you achieve your goal. I make learning fun for both you and your dog and the technique is so simple that even young children can understand it.

I am an internationally renowned dog groomer and show dog handler with over 30 years' experience. I have conducted trainings and masterclasses all over the world for countless dogs, dog owners. Everyone that needed to understand and learn how to communicate with the dogs effectively. 

If your dog has any of these problems – separation anxiety, aggression, non-stop barking, pulling on the leash, no recall, chewing, toileting, fussy eating, nipping/biting, car chaos, fear of noises, jumping on people (the list goes on) – then you have come to the right place.

There is simply way to understand: 

  • Why dogs behave badly
  • How your dog thinks and tries to communicate with you
  • How to solve all kinds of problems calmly and simply
  • How to have the relationship with your dog that you have always wanted

As a fellow dog lover, I also want the best for my dogs, including how to show them that they can rely on me to look after them. I am a firm believer that the right training can make a happy, relaxed dog and owner. The process I teach is easy to understand, fun to practice and simple to maintain, without requiring painful gadgets, force, drugs or unrealistic time investment.

This is straightforward program, logical and positive. It is not like other training methods insofar as it gets to the heart of the reason why a dog will behave badly (one dog can have several problems) and gives the owner the ways to change the behaviour in a way that actually makes sense to the dog. Canines have understood each other for thousands of years; Dog Listening is the way for humans to tap into that understanding and use it to make sometimes dramatic improvements in a very short time.

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